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Late & Problem Returns

This is when people or businesses are late with their BAS statements, Tax Returns and have been accruing debts such as fines and interest to the ATO as they have ignored the ATO.

I have been extremely successful in reducing tax debts in these instances. Two examples:

One client came to us owing $220,000 and 3 years behind. I brought all their BAS and tax return up-to-date and obtained a reduction of $160,000 in penalties and interest. We then entered them into a repayment program for the $60,000 which they have just finished paying off.

Another client had 18 months BAS outstanding and two years of tax returns. He had a tax debt of $62,000 with penalties. I was able to get a reduction of $37,000 in fines and penalties leaving him with a debt of $25,000 of which he still owes $5,000.

Both clients are very happy with these outcomes. Also, after I obtained the reductions and kept them up-to-date with their BAS and Tax Returns they have not only kept up repayments but have managed to ensure that all current BAS and payments have been kept up to date as well.

If you find yourself in a similar position then we are most likely able to help.

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